27 February 2010

Cambodian Cat Lost and Found

Vanna disappeared yesterday and hadn't returned by his routine dinnertime tonight.
He normally never strays far, thus I began wandering the neighbourhood in the dark, not something you should do in Phnom Penh. However, I was possessed.

I could hear a faint 'meow' in the distance...somewhere. And, I recognised it as Vanna.

Like a mad woman, I demanded that the landlord search the level above ours that was currently undergoing construction. Vanna must be stuck there. We searched with a flashlight...nothing.

'Could be any cat', he said. 'No', I said, 'I know my cat.
It's coming from over there, please help me find him.'

It was 8.30pm. He promptly shut his gate and repeated 'Sa'ai, Sa'ai' Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Enraged, I climbed over the back next door neighbour's fence.
Vanna was stuck in someone's bedsit two door's along.

I ran round to the front to meet a motorcycle arriving. Before I spoke he said, 'Your cat, I have, I have.'

He unlocked his door to a hungry and angry puffed-up Vanna. Three deep scratches were my welcome.
I am sure I will never find out why this man knew he had Vanna in his room.

It was such a performance transporting Vanna to Cambodia that losing him would be unbearable. He ensures I always have a smile on my face, as some Cambodian days are definitely trying. This was one of them.


  1. Vanna Vanna Vanna Vanna!! Oh man - that was a close shave. You are chief security officer at Ann and Philip's place and have to be close to home at all times. But of course you know that. Do you think you were kitnapped? Shock horror! At least you had the good sense to radio in to base for help. Just remember to use those sharp claws on the enemy next time, not the boss, and show your ID badge so the 'perps' know not to mess with you.

  2. Hi Monica, : )

    So pleased to hear from you again.

    You're right...what a close shave...I was nearly kitnapped! I think they were attracted to my good looks, as you know.

    I've lost my voice now too...all that meowing to attract the attention of my humans. But Mrs Human knew my meow and came to my rescue. : )

    Whoops...she got caught in the catfire and has some nice scratches, but I was really holding on tightly because I was so happy to be saved.

    Back to Chief Security Guard at our house now. However, I do like to wander...and it has just been the full moon you know!

    As always, a pleasure to cat-chat with you Monica.

    See you soon.

    Vanna : )

  3. Glad Vanna the cat was found.
    Luke and Jess now have a rabbit called Twinky.

  4. Hi Mark & Paula, and Luke & Jess,

    I would have been lost without him.

    And after all that, he went out last night and came back minus his collar and name tag.
    Not happy! : /

    Can't get name tags here or in Thailand. I actually order them from Christchurch. So Mum will be sending me a couple more 'VANNA' tags shortly. : )

    I saw Luke & Jess's rabbit Twinky on Luke's Facebook photos...and the making of the rabbit hutch...very impressive. Mark, you were in one of the photos. Their garden looks nice too.

    Hope you guys are well.

    Ann : )