25 November 2009

Vanna T. Cat Checks In

"He took forever to make sure that my passport was in order. Cat hater! It's OK for him, he had a comfy chair while I was squashed inside a tiny cage with not enough room to swing a mouse."

"Mind you it might have helped if my humans had got me a real passport. You know, one with a photo, rather than a sheet of paper everyone called an import permit."

"I'm here in Catbodia now, though I must say I ain't loving it. This new place I'm in is pokey and I'm stuck inside- a prisoner- almost all day except when Mrs Human takes me outside for a walk. A walk on a lead! A lead- can you believe it!?"

"Still I'm told this is only temporary and soon I'll have a big house and garden stuffed with mice and lizards. Yeah? I will believe that when I see it. I've been through a lot these last few weeks and I'm not trusting anyone just yet..."

"OK time for dinner (some sort of canned rubbish, I expect) I might return later to give the full story of my frightful flight; if I can be bothered and anyone says they are interested..."

Vanna T. Cat


  1. Vanna! So cool to see a photo of you in your blog. You're looking great and you're over the worst part of the move now so it's onwards and upwards from here. Don't think of your cat box and your new surroundings as a prison; think of them as a chill-out spaces to be a relaxocat. As for your frightful flight, now you have a morning tea conversation to share with everyone. There are two morning tea topics that are guaranteed to get everyone talking - pets and frightful flights. You will be away laughing. Yes please, I'd like to hear all about your experiences.

  2. Monica, I'm pleased you enjoyed seeing my photo; but of course you would as I am soooo handsome!

    I'll post some more on the trip shortly- maybe tonight if I get fish for dinner- later if it's more of that tinned muck.

    But now it's time for a nap...