27 November 2009

House Hunting Hustlers

It's mid-morning, hot and we are on our first day of house-hunting. There is a place to rent nearby. It's not in the area that we want and it's large and therefore probably too expensive but we have to start some where.

Within seconds of peering through the gate and into the vacant house we are accosted by two young men on a motorcycle. They know the exact price of the house; and it is too expensive. But after establishing how much we can afford they assure us that they have several places that could be suitable. And so we jump on a motorcycle taxi and follow the mobile real estate men for a quick tour of possible new homes.

None of the homes we are shown are what we're after. Naturally they are disappointed but in a cheerful sort of way. Later that day, whilst peering through another gate, we meet another man, who knew someone who knew someone that could find us a place. We see him tomorrow.

This is how these men make a living. They gather information on rentals and then cruise the streets looking for prospects willing to trust themselves to someone that they have never met. It's hit and miss work but presumably a lucky strike earns a hefty commission. And at least their overheads are low!

Too small...                                                                            Too big...                                 

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