28 November 2009

How a Cat Clears Customs

What's the check-in man going to do; send me on that baggage escalator? An angry meow sorted that and he quickly pointed my human straight towards customs.

"You go by yourself," said the man, " and take the cat with you".
"Yee haa!" I thought.
Mrs Human looked relieved too, "Can you believe this Vanna, I think this means I can take you on board the plane with me" she said. She's excitable my human, maybe this will calm her down. Boy...she's giving me the heebie jeebies today.

Far too many humans flying this morning...I mean for moggie's sake...it's 5.30 in the morning! Feet all around my cage, trying to push in...well I'm not having a bar of it. Push up Mrs Human...we have business to do...we are moving to Catbodia!

We easily got past customs because they thought I was sooooooo cute. Mog-nificent! But now comes this thingy they call an 'x-ray'. I put my paw down, no way am I going through that. And everyone agrees a cat shouldn't be x-rayed; and what could a cat possibly be smuggling anyway?

But, ohhhhh nooooooo...this means I must come out of my cage and get among all these noisy, silly humans who don't know that it's rude to stare.. I didn't sign up for this so I am going to dig my claws in. "Ouch...ouch...ouch Vanna...it's OK, I've got you."

And soon we are through, immigration formalities are complete and I'm stuffed back into my cage. But that wasn't too bad and we have some time to spare before boarding.

So a quick photo in front of the Thai warriors and...

...now that we have navigated a possible customs cat-asthropie it's time for some Duty Free shopping.

Hmmmmmm...does Dior do a mouse scent?


  1. Vanna, you could do a nice line in smuggling - diamond-studded cat collars. Do you think they would notice?

  2. Not a bad idea, Monica. Customs would be so taken in by my dazzling good looks they wouldn't notice the diamonds.

    But I'm not going to take the risk of spending time in cat jail; I've had recent experience of being locked up and I didn't like it.

    And cat prison food? I don't even want to think about that...