2 October 2013

Cambodian Frog Trade (1)

Frogs are an important source of protein for may rural Cambodians. And they appear on the menu of many Phnom Penh restaurants as well.

Easily caught after the first big rain of the season the frogs pass through several middle-men before arriving at city markets. 

During the wet season approximately 2,500 kilograms of frogs are sold daily in the capital's markets. This figure can fall to less than 600 kilograms in the dry season.

Most frogs are caught at night- moonless nights provide the best hunting- snared in bamboo gill traps with fermented fish as the lure. 

                                                   These traps typically hold 6-8 frogs with most trappers owning around 10 traps.

Photo: www.garrisonphoto.com

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