3 October 2013

CPP Display More of the Same

Despite being given a right good slapping in the polls don't expect the CPP to change how they rule any time soon.

Witness for example Deputy Prime Minister Sok An's hypocritical whine about two independent election watchdogs who he claims have overstated the number of potential electors who were left off the voter list.

"It's a bad trick of the groups manipulated by the opposition to question the legitimacy of the election procedure..." 

Never mind that even the National Election Committee largely agreed with the two watchdogs, consider the 'logic' displayed below by the Deputy PM. (He's one of six who carries that title)

"But even if the opposition and its allies use every trick there is to destroy the election result, the truth is still the truth, as the National Assembly and the government have been formed according to the constitution."

So, according to Sok An, there can't have been any manipulation of the election result by the ruling CPP because they (the CPP) have since formed a government!

Witness, too, CPP-aligned City hall officials who, in a continuation of a policy of either refusing permission for marches or restricting the numbers of marchers, are attempting to control the number of protesters at an upcoming opposition rally.

The opposition CNRP hope for 20,000 at the rally, yet City Hall is insisting that that is just a little more of a display of democracy than they would like and therefore numbers must be held at just 10,000.

Just who will do a head count and how the other 10,000 will be turned away the hopeless bureaucrats don't say.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks...  

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