11 February 2013

Cambodian Kids Behind Bars (5) Lina's Story- Food and Water

Lina is a Cambodian woman doing a 16-year prison stretch for a crime she claims she did not commit. She has a young daughter, Maly, who spent time in jail with her.

She shares her small cell with as many as 25 prisoners and their children at a time.

Sometimes she never leaves her cell for days, even weeks, at a time.

Lina continues:

"We get food, if you can even call it that, two times a day, lunch and dinner. Sometimes breakfast is served at 10am or even as late as 11 am and we get dinner at 4pm. We don’t get any food for lunch.

For these other two meals, we usually get dirty rice - rice that is black that sometimes has insects inside it. If we are lucky, sometimes there is also a small fish. I am always hungry.

We only have access to dirty drinking water that is always black and makes me sick. When my child Maly lived here, she used to get very sick from drinking this water. If you don’t have any money to buy coal to boil your water, or money to buy bottled water, then you have to drink this dirty water."


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