12 February 2013

Miss Cambodia to Star Again

Dy Saveth was Cambodia's first
Miss Cambodia.
She was crowned in 1959
The first Miss Cambodia, Dy Saveth, will star in what is being touted as one of the kingdom's most ambitious film projects for decades.

A trailer and promotional material will be produced for "The Last Reel" this month and filming will begin in April.

Dy Saveth, who fled to France via Thailand after the Khmer Rouge came to power will play the part of a dying mother whose daughter is determined to track down the missing finale of a 1974 melodrama and show it to her.

Dating the melodrama in 1974 will allow the film-makers to pay homage to the 'golden-era' of Khmer cinema; between 1965 and 1975 more than 300 movies were produced here. Sadly the reels for all but thirty or so of these films have been lost.

"The Last Reel" has a budget of $400,000.

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