8 February 2013

Cambodian Kids Behind Bars (4): Lina's Story-Caged All Day

Lina is a Cambodian woman doing a 16-year prison stretch for a crime she claims she did not commit. She had a young daughter, Maly, who spent time in jail with her.

She shares her small cell with as many as 25 prisoners and their children at a time.

She continues:

The prison guards are supposed to open our cell doors at 8am and we are supposed to be allowed outside for 2 hours.

I know that we are supposed to be allowed outside the cell from 8-10am and again from 3-4pm.

 What really happens is that if you do not have enough money to pay the guard, you will not be allowed outside.

It costs 2000 riel (US 50 cents) a day to go outside the cell. I am very poor and I cannot afford to pay the guards, so I am locked up and denied my time outside the cell on a regular basis.

There are many days, even weeks when I have never even left my cell…


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