7 October 2010

Child Pornography Openly On Offer

''It is a quite easy case; you don't have to do much investigation because it is there on display. The policeman or any other authorized person can just take it from the stall and arrest the vendor. That's all. But someone has to go there and do it. This is the problem.''

- An anonymous and senior Bangkok Policeman

What’s he talking about- fake Gucci bags or knock offs of Rolex watches? No. Far worse than that. He’s talking about his hopeless and hopelessly corrupt Bangkok forces refusal to arrest vendors openly selling child pornography DVDs on Bangkok’s busiest tourist strip, Sukhumvit Road.

The covers of the DVDs show children from around the world-some as young as seven- involved in explicit sex acts. Yet those buffoons- the Bangkok bobbies- do nothing. Needless to say this disgusting trade is run by ‘influential people,’ whose bribes ensure that they are untouchable.

The DVDs sell for less than US$3.

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