24 September 2010

A Chance to Study at ACE in Phnom Penh

Today I took seven of the girls from the Centre to do a 1 and a half hour placement test costing $5 per student.
Funnily enough they were to arrive at my house at 8.30am...they arrived at 7.30am. Always a communication breakdown regarding time.

However, all went smoothly after that. They were very nervous but there were smiles at the end...largely due I think because the stress of testing was over.

We are going to sponsor two or three of the girls to start studying at the Australian Centre for English (ACE) where we teach. We find out the results on Monday, and the new term starts then.

It will a great opportunity for them to start intensive English, and a little help from us mid-week will make sure all their homework is done!


  1. 'Funnily' is a word?

  2. funnily enough
    adv : curious (or funny or interesting or odd or strange)

    Nothing better to do?