26 September 2010

Phnom Penh Custom Made Shoes

Cambodia is hard on shoes.

The pot-holed roads wreck havic on your heels and the heat and dirt deteriates further anything that remains. Therefore a supply of new shoes is required.

Today I decided to try one of Phnom Penh's custom made shoe shops - TT Toul Sleng on St 143. Initially only wanting to fix a pair, I ordered a leather (hopefully) pair of sensible heels to teach in - cost, US $28.

Having come from patternmaking in the fashion industry I was fascinated to see the owner of the shop produce his tape measure and set to work on my feet even saving paper by drawing around each foot on the same piece. It was all done rather quickly for a 5 day production period, so I'm hoping they are ok. I'll keep you posted.

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