25 May 2010

Weekend English Lessons

A change of scenery for the girls from the Centre who stay overnight at our house on the weekends, not only means a change of food, cable TV and a chance for some
personal  space. 

It also now involves English tuition. And like TV, they thoroughly enjoy it.
They don't see it as work, they welcome the opportunity to learn more and are reluctant to finish.

This Sunday past, we did listening activiities, and also vocabulary work on 'food' by getting the girls to work out what everything in the fridge was. That's interesting for them since they don't have a fridge and never have had one.


  1. I think you are doing a marvellous job, but do you teach boys as well?

  2. No boys, yet. In the future we will look at it but at the moment we have lots to work on. Thanks for the comment!