29 May 2010

Phnom Penh: Streets With No Names?

Phnom Penh: Where the streets have no names. Instead most streets are only assigned a number- we are on street 510- which makes the city difficult to navigate.

To make matters worse smaller streets like ours usually don't get an identifying street sign at all.

And that's where a bit of 'Kiwi can do' comes into it; I simply made a sign myself.

 The people at the corner store applauded my effort and I remain amazed that the sign is still intact after several months and a number of torrential downpours.


  1. Hi Guys, : )

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, you're quite right.

    However, I haven't found St 509 yet and the street before ours is St 506. That has a street sign so that's good.

    I might put a sign on the next street which is St 512 and then people will know they have gone too far.

    Ann : )