24 May 2010

Account Overdue. Service Denied

We have been without internet for a few days. That wasn't because service was down, it was because we hadn't paid the bill; they cut us off because the account was one day overdue!

The difficulty is that our providers never send an account. That's understandable considering the postal system here. They used to send us a text message reminding us to pay and that worked well. But this time they 'were too busy,' to do so. And of course it doesn't help that they have never been able to advise us when the account should be paid each month.

So why do they wait just one day before cutting off service? I guess that's because there aren't too many options for a Cambodian company to collect on overdue accounts; the courts system is useless and their isn't the ultimate threat of calling in a credit agency to demand the money and/or ruin your credit rating.

Next month we will pay well before the time we 'think' payment might be due.

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