16 March 2010

Thailand's 'Reds' Want Blood: So they can throw it all away

What's with the organizers of Thailand's 'Red Shirt' movement?'

First they make the crazy claim that they would galvanize a million supporters from throughout the country to come into Bangkok and bring down the government. How crazy is that? Well, best estimates put the figure at no more than 100,000. Mind you, looking on the bright side, that's saved the Red Shirt's figurehead, the disgraceful and corrupt convicted criminal, ex-P.M Thaksin, more than a few bucks; it seems that many of the 100,000 that did turn up where paid US$70 ( a healthy sum for Thailand's rural poor) to do so.

Crazier still though, is the 'Reds' next proposed move. They have begun collecting blood from their supporters and once they have got enough they intend to splash it over the steps of Government House unless the fresh elections are called. The idea is that Prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and his government will have to step on Thai blood if they continue in power and enter Government house. In other words it is a rather odd and stupid political gesture.

In the meantime, many Thai hospitals are crying out for donors.

'President of Phetchabun Red Cross Siriwan Rujiwattanapong said today that the number of blood donors in the province has declined, resulting in decreasing amount of blood stored in the Blood Bank of Phetchbun Province Hospital. She said a number of patients have been put on a waiting list and the some surgical operations have been postponed due to the blood shortage.

Mrs. Siriwan said the Blood Bank is now in need of more donated blood since Songkran Festival, a holiday season that statistically has a high rate of accident, is approaching.'

Why worry about people dying though, when you can just chuck it on the street?

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