14 March 2010

'Your Teaching is No Good!'

'Teacher Ann...excuse me, but your teaching is no good' said one of the older Cambodian teachers at the school where I teach part-time.

'Excuse me' I replied.

'I see that you smile in class, this is no good. You must be like me. You see - I have an angry face' she said.

'I am interacting with the students and motivating them to study English' I explained.

This teacher had peaked in the window when I was teaching a class on flags of the world, and saw all the flashcards on the board, and me showing the kids where different countries were on a world map.

'You cannot have them out of their seats like that!' she went on.

I'm not sure I will ever convince the 'old school' Cambodian teachers that interactive teaching is good, and that it is okay to smile during a class and get the students up to the board.

However, I am certainly going to continue my teaching methods, because I see the results!


  1. Do you know anything about the activities, or education in Cambodia?

  2. Hi Miyu,

    Yes. If you want some details about different activities you can email me, or leave me your email on the blog.

    Thanks for visiting our blog.


  3. Thank you.
    Because my class is going to Cambodia for our pegasus over sea trip this year on April. And we have to research about different things on Cambodia. And I chose school and educations.
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