18 March 2010

Moto Marriage

We use the same moto driver to take us to and from teaching every day. It's good work for him and for us it means that we don't have to flag down a new driver each time and try to explain where we are going.
He's away today however, but he's organised a friend as a temporary replacement. He says he will return tomorrow, it's just that he's got something important to do in his home province. He's getting married!

It seems a odd though, travelling back to your province, getting married, staying just one night and then returning to Phnom Penh in the early morning. Returning without his wife too, I would expect- it's too expensive in the capital.  And his father, who has just recently moved here after his moto driving son got him a job, isn't going back for the wedding.

Maybe something has been lost in translation here, or more likely, neither father or son can afford to take the time off work. Perhaps we will find out more when he returns. We wish them well.

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