7 February 2010

It All Comes Out in the Wash - Cambodia vs Thailand

As I have said before  my lack of washing skills whilst living in Thailand, has been cruelly commented on and my washing moved and pointed to with dissatisfaction by my Thai neighbours.

However, in Cambodia I am free from such persecution.

Unlike in Thailand:
1. It's okay to wash at any time, not just, as the Thai insist, in the darkness of the early morning .

2. You can stick your washing wherever you like; there are no nosey neighbours moving it somewhere you can't find.

3. Washing can be hung any which way you like.

Nevertheless, soaking is still frowned upon. My landlord noticed some whites soaking in a bucket. Promptly she lifted the lid, screwed up her face - but - made no judgement.

Oh, how I am happy living in Phnom Penh!

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