6 February 2010

A Phnom Penh Pummelling

A relaxing massage?
A bubbling water-feature, tranquil music, clean crisp sheets, thick towels and wafting essential oils in a candle lit alcove whilst wrapped in a glorious fluffy white gown?

Cambodia promises something different.

1. A weird, colourful outfit everytime. One that you will not be able to tie up properly, or determine which is the front or back. You look ridiculous!

2. Aunts, uncles, grandfathers and passing food-vendors constantly popping in and out.

3. The TV is often going; it's a background hum unless there is some sort of comedy or music show- then it can be loud. And always there is a happy chatter.

4. A pummelling, some pain, and bruising is guaranteed.

5. And this afternoon the masseuse's cute, giggling, curly-haired 2 year-old , fascinated by the white face in the chair kept running up and tugging on my toes. Helping mum out!
Sound horrific? No, just different and afterwards you feel relaxed, loose and taller somehow from all that muscle s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g.  And a deep, restful sleep always follows.

Oh, and the cost? Just US$ 3!


  1. What a Deal!!! I've been contemplating a 2 or 3 hour session at East Day Spa here in Welly...cost = NZ$145!!!

  2. Hi Jill, : )

    It's such a difference in price isn't it!!?? And, it really is good. I fall straight asleep afterwards.

    I have to say though, a 2 or 3 hour session sounds glorious.

    Go for it, you will come out smelling lovely. I wouldn't mind one like that too, but we are pretty spoilt for being able to do this sort of one regularly.

    Ann : )

  3. By the way...

    What did you think of the outfit? : )

  4. Very Glamourous!! :)

  5. Thanks Jill, : )

    This outfit was peculiar in that it was matching.

    All embossed and shiny.
    Makes you want to own one yourself. : )

    Did you end having the 3 hour luxurious massage?