4 January 2010

Opening for Business

The opening of our Centre of English approaches. Cards have been printed. 3,000 advertising flyers will be distributed over the next few days. The classroom is ready. Lesson plans have been prepared.
But does this mean that we will get the paying students that we need to support ourselves and do the other things we wish to do?

I've got no idea.

It's difficult in a country that is so unlike our own to gauge the likely level of interest in our centre. Sure, we know that Cambodians are enthusiastic learners of English, but how many can afford the rates that we are charging? We hope that there will be enough that can. Our market research shows that there will be enough that can.

 Ann's confident. I have nagging doubts. At best we are expecting a slow start. We'll know soon enough.

If we don't get enough through the doors it won't be a disaster. Plan B says that we get jobs at an established school. That should be a simple proposition. And from there we will be able to get private students- a few at a time- that will enable us to kick the job, work for ourselves, and do the other things that we came her to do.

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