2 January 2010

Cat Goes Coach to Cambodia

"Jammed up against the magazines on the floor, unable to move in my cat prison, or see out the window.
But hey...Mrs Human was ok!

Luckily for Mrs Human she couldn't hear my screeches, due to the deafening sound of the engines - which became too much for this moggie. I wrapped my fangs around the bars of my cage desperately trying to get out. My human could hardly hold me.

Whilst finding our seats everyone had to stick their fingers into the cage commenting on how cute I was. Well...I am of course...but it agitated me more. And there is always someone who takes forever putting their baggage in the overhead compartment...for cat's sake!!!!!

The engines vibrated through the floor. I didn't like that at all. Right that's it, I am going to spend the hour's flight to Catbodia clawing at the lady's leg in the next seat.

That seat should have been mine!


  1. Hello again, Vanna, and Happy New Year!
    Good to see you have another blog up. I like your idea of inflight entertainment - clawing the lady in the next seat. It's a wonder they didn't arrest you at the end of the flight for terrorism. As for people sticking their fingers in the bars of your cage, the cheek! I hope you showed them how sharp your teeth are to go with your stunning good looks.
    I hear you've been outside exploring and have staked your claim to your piece of Catbodia. Good on you and hiss snarl to any local mogs who try to come onto your patch.

  2. Hey Monica, : )
    Happy New Year to you too!

    Lovely you are still following my mog-blogging...that is, when I can get the humans off the internet and I can get my paws onto it.

    The customs officials at Phnom Penh airport all scrutinised me when I came through .
    I thought...here we go.
    However, clever Mrs Human told them all that yes, I was a Thai cat but that I had a Cambodian name - Vanna.

    Well...that meant lots of oooooing & ahhhhing and the easy passing of both of us through customs and out onto the streets of Catbodia! : )

    I will blog again soon about my new territory and the other odd creatures I am coming up against.

    See you soon Monica,

    Vanna Catbodia Cat!