8 November 2009

Vanna Readies to Ride the Big-Bird

"Do I look stupid?"

"Hey, I might not be able to human-speak but I don't have an auditory processing disorder."

"So as soon as my humans started talking about moving house I knew something big was up. After all, I've already been moved once before; stuffed in a cage for a long taxi-ride, what cat would ever forget that?"

"But something much more dramatic is afoot this time, I'm sure. Otherwise, why would they be checking my height, length and weight, (I have stunningly-good feline proportions) and talking about the correct cat-cage dimensions for an aircraft? "

( I prefer to call them big-birds)

"And how long is this damn trip going to be, anyway. My humans are talking about spraying pheromones in the cage (It costs $70 -I'm worth it, I tell ya) to calm me."

"Get this one, too: they are going to put rescue remedy (that's $32- but as I told you I am worth it) in my water to settle the nerves. Hmmm, what's wrong with a whiskey and a couple of panadol?

"And where is this place Cambodia?"


"Will they have mice and lizards there?"

-Vanna T. Cat


  1. Dear Vanna
    No need to get the packing horrors - you will be just fine. You never know, there might be another mog on the flight with you and you can swap cat stories. There are bound to be mice and lizards in Catbodia plus all sorts of other new things to check out and chase. You should start practising your pitiful 'vet yowls' now so you can give your fellow travellers a decent guilt trip to the airport on the big day.

  2. Nice to hear from you Monicah.

    'Catbodia.' Now you're talking my language!

    And as for pitiful 'vet yowls,' I've been practicing those for weeks. But seem you have mentioned them I'll step up their intensity!