7 November 2013

Cambodia Cuts Scumbag Loose (10)

It looks like scumbag and serial pedophile, Alexander Trofimov (also known as Stanislav Molodyakov) is finally going to suffer; the Russian monster will stand trial in Moscow for multiple counts of rape and the sexual assault of 20 young girls.

'“According to investigators, the 46-year-old man in the period from July 2003 to April 2004 re­peatedly committed rape and sexual assault against girls in the Mytishchi district of greater Moscow. At the time of the crimes, the victims were between 8 and 13 years old,” the court document states.'

It's to be hoped that the Russian legal system is far less forgiving of pedophiles than was the morally corrupt and wholly incompetent Cambodian justice department.

For, let's not forget Trofimov, the child rapist:

~ Was convicted of sex crimes against 17 underage Cambodian girls.

~ The youngest of these girls was just six years old.

~The Cambodian Appeal Court handed down a consolidated sentence on 26/8/2010 and effectively reduced the serial pedophile's sentence from the original 24 years to just 8 years

~ He was given a Royal Pardon despite failing to meet the legal requirement that a prisoner must have served at least two-thirds of their sentence before being given such a pardon.

~ In total Trofimov served just four years in Cambodian detention.

~The Cambodian authorities refused to extradite Trofimov and he quickly found himself a house right next- door to a Sihanoukville primary school.

~ Despite claims by Cambodian police that they were keeping a watch on the creepy Russian he quickly and predictably disappeared from their sight.

~ Months later, and only under fierce pressure did the Cambodian authorities relent and agree to Trofimov being deported in June, 2012. 

~ The filthy pedophile was finally found staying at the family home of a 12-year girl who he claimed 'to love.'

Thankfully, Russia introduced tougher punishments for pedophiles last year.

Now those convicted must serve at least four-fifths of their sentence and suspended sentences are no longer possible.

Repeat offenders can now also be sentenced to a life term with chemical castration being compulsory in some cases.

So maybe now Trofimov will be left in a darkened cell to slowly rot...

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