30 October 2013

Cambodian Frog Trade (4)

Ugly but delicious.

That's the Truncate-snouted bullfrog (Glyphoglossus molossus). The bullfrog, Cambodia's 3rd most eaten frog after the Rugulose frog  and the Paddy frog, is only found in the north-west of the kingdom.

Hidden under leaves, or well-burrowed underground for most of the year, this frog is easily hunted only after the first heavy rains when it makes itself known for the purpose of breeding.

Often fermented to preserve the meat in a similar way to the pungent, yet popular, Prahoc fish paste, the Truncate-snouted bulldog is exported in significant quantities to Thailand.

The Thais love of this frog has meant a 30% reduction of this bullfrog in Thailand and thus it has been designated as 'near-threatened.'

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