28 July 2013

Cambodian Election Day

The day before polling and the station at Phnom Penh's Wat Than
 had only a few voters checking their registration.
Polling stations were empty yesterday except for a few voters checking the rolls.

The city is quiet with the streets carrying far less traffic than for a normal weekend.

There are still plenty of CPP and a few CNRP banners showing. The streets are calm; it's like any other Phnom Penh holiday weekend.

Almost like a family day out at this polling station on street 488.

It's Nine O'clock on election day. This Phnom Penh polling station in a state school on street 488 is busy and there is something of a family atmosphere. 

Many of the woman have dressed-up for the occasion and the kids are out in force.

And while there were four policemen at the gate to the school, inside they have no presence; intimidating high ranking officers from the forces, a complaint at the last commune elections, are not on show here.

It's obvious that a number of citizens who thought they could vote weren't on the register. Over the 20 minutes I sat and watched at least four potential voters looked for their names in vain and left.

All remains calm, however.

No matter how long he looked he couldn't find his name.

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