18 July 2013

And Then There Were Five: Socheata Looks to the Future

Socheata is, finally, beginning to give more thought to her future.

She works for an NGO who do I know not what. She started a one-year internship there almost two years ago. Her salary was small.

At the end of the term they extended her contract on the same salary for another 3 months. And then, seeing her worth, extended again on the same money for a further 9 months.

Realizing that her increase in skills is not gathering her more money she is starting to look at more options.

Cooking is one of those options. It's certainly a good choice in a country where there are not enough trained chefs to cook for the ever-increasing number of tourists coming to Cambodia.

Often her thoughts are not followed by action. But this time she has been in to a school on her own to check it, and its prices out.

That's quite a step for someone who has lived in an institution for much of her life and been told what to do and when to do it.

Long may it continue...

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