8 June 2013

Cambodia's National Fish: The Giant Mekong Barb

Such is the size of Cambodia's national fish, its scales are used to make many of the shuttlecocks that Cambodians across the country use in their popular 'kick and keep-it-up' game.

The Giant Mekong Barb (Catlocarpio siamensis) known by the Khmer as Trey Kahor or Trey Kbal Lan or Trey Koalreang, can weigh in at 300 kilograms and reach 3 metres in length.

Grey and silver in colour, this giant fish is found in the Tonle Sap lake and the Mekong river.

It's makes for good eating; they have been served on Cambodian dinner plates for hundreds of years and they appear in the Bas Reliefs of Angkor Wat.

 Hatcheries and breeding stations are being used to keep Cambodian waters well-stocked with their national fish.

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  1. Preview of Special Citroen
    According to Cars sale in Cambodia MG Cambodia reported, the new modern car that is not only small, but it is special with the wheels that make its brand move down-market as PSA.
    It lets reporters test drives and makes European sale happening right now. It changed from driving performance to functionality and technology.
    Anyway this car is not expected to sale in a particular group. It made the profit decrease in European. Its structure was made bigger from the larger option to the length, but it is not focus on engine size, the versions range for it is 75hp to 110 hp, by the way VW Golf is around 85 hp to 300 hp.
    Moreover, Citroen comes with 200kg weight save from the old one, C4 model. It is response from a three-cylinder, 1.2-liter.

  2. The influential Ochre collection

    “Clerkenwell Design Week’s popularity continues to increase year after year,” says Diana Yakeley, BIID President.

    “It has become a prominent fixture in every designer’s calendar, and we are delighted to be supporting its program of activities. We also thank Ochre for their support during this major international festival. The Ochre showroom is an arresting space and the perfect place to hold a stylish event during the design week. We look forward to an informative and entertaining evening.”

    As furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials reported, the designers will have the opportunity to see the influential of the Ochre collection first hand and understand the quality of the company’s aesthetic for the beauty of the understated and its emphasis on high quality materials.

  3. The Modern Stylish House

    Here is a stylish house for a modern family, leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh
    construction materials reported.

    By this way this modern stylish is designed with lots of character, and it is for a fashionable family, who prefer the modern lifestyle.

    One more thing this house has wide living room, which is functional with big sofas and proximity to the modern kitchen.

    In addition this house is full of straight, jagged lines with small statement pieces distributed throughout the space.

    Anyway you can enjoy with its soft color and vast space which full of fresh air and make you feel homely.

  4. Simply white by Jim Laney

    yet welcome, surprise." Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials, having been prioritized, the featured laundry room was asked of designer Jim Laney to create a sense of cleanliness and continuous streamline.
    "The house is located within one of the country's premier ski destinations. So as well as having to accommodate the day-to-day needs of the owners, during the season there is the additional matter of boots and outerwear that need to be dried every evening."
    "Much like a kitchen is divided into work zones, so too have I divided the laundry," spoke Laney. "On the left-hand wall are the cupboards and drawers associated with laundry – the six drawers act as laundry hampers, each with a different designation."
    "In keeping with the rest of the house, which is very contemporary in its design, I wanted to create a room that was very streamlined and integrated. Having a place for everything means the space is also pleasant to spend time in. Quirky accessories add whimsy, and are an unexpected,

  5. The Discovery of ‘Gigapixel’ Camera Might Lead to Faster Cancer Detection

    (digital marketing agency) – Doctors who treat cancer can be overjoy now with the discovery of the world’s first ‘gigapixel’ camera which can examine the whole body to spot the fatal disease at an early stage.
    A conjunction of 34 microcameras, this new developed technology can helps doctors to discover the tumor from patient’s skin with high-resolution images from both small and large captured regions.
    “The camera is designed to find lesions potentially indicating skin cancers on patients at an earlier stage than current skin examination techniques,” said study co-author Daniel Marks from Duke University in North Carolina.
    This technology will be presented at the Optical Society’s (OSA) 98th annual meeting in Tucson, Arizona, Oct 19-23.

  6. The Charming Fresh House

    This is the charming fresh house has been designed for a family who feel strong linked with the beautiful land, as the construction in Cambodia
    construction materials provided.
    One more thing, the house inspires peacefulness despite its animated colorful exterior and it has a total surface of 134sqm.
    In addition, the new house leads toward the story of the original cottage initially and the place is elegantly mixed with most of the comfort of modern living.
    Furthermore, a large covered outdoor terrace and large windows provide a great indoor-outdoor connection.
    Moreover, the interiors of the house are contemporary and minimalist, as if everything that truly counts here is the serenity of the lovely natural setting.

  7. The Highly Modern House

    This is the highly modern house has been designed by Designs Northwest Architects, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    In addition, the appearance of this house is charming and the house makes a lovely contrast with the water.
    One more thing, the house has a total area of 1200sqf and blends traditional decorating elements with the comfortable modern living.
    Indeed, the rooms of the house, feature generous windows, which allows unobstructed views of Lake Union and the yachts nearby.
    Furthermore, the interiors of the house are warm and inviting, due to various wooden decorative features and art works spread throughout.

  8. Eco- and user-friendly

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, for owner of the featured kitchen, the paramount in the renovation was a space that would exudes as little chemical as possible since one of the owner is allergic to such kind of substance.
    Taken up the project was kitchen designer and manufacturer Modern Habitat who helps recover the space setting. The firm produces the cabinetry from non-toxic aluminum which helps subdues chemical emissions such as formaldehyde regularly found with timber cabinetry.
    Available in both modern and traditional designs, the cabinetry is also enduring, clean and versatile towards heart and water.

  9. The Beverly Grove Residence

    Here is the Beverly Grove Residence has been designed by David Hertz Architects, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials
    According to the official description, the project consisted of a two-story addition and extensive renovation to an existing Buff & Hensman Case Study House and it was “successful in seamlessly integrating the design of the new addition in deference to the original architecture.
    The scope included a new third story roof-deck, a two-story addition, and the renovation of all existing grounds”.
    Anyway, the exterior of the house was complex and imposing with large windows that create an optimum indoor and outdoor relationship.
    Furthermore, the interiors are spacious; a feeling transmitted by the high ceilings, generous windows, and minimalist contemporary furniture arrangements.

  10. Modern classic – A traditional townhouse update by Ankie Barnes and Therese Baron Gurney

    According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, architect Ankie Barnes and designer Therese Baron Gurney were requested to take care of the revamp project of this townhouse property which involves a totally dramatic approach.
    "It's a classically modern interior in terms of the symmetry and layout, but the look is softened by the spice tones and earthy finishes. And although each living space is different, you can move a chair from one room to another and it will look right."
    A modern sensibility can be seen with contemporary upholstery. Customized rugs help define the architectural elements while adjourned ceilings create a close connection for the formal dining room and kitchen.

  11. Crisp and sleek in traditional theme

    Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia
    construction materials
    , traditional design does not mean that a fresh look is at an expense with Tarkett Wood’s flooring.
    "As one of the leading manufacturers of wood flooring and synthetic surfaces in North America, Tarkett has recently released dramatic new flooring options for up-market interiors," said vice president of Tarkett Wood Analie Roth.
    "Our latest hardwood flooring options bring a strong sense of individuality," said Roth. "The new Town & Country Collection, for example, mirrors the look of a custom, sand-and-finish floor, utilizing long wood slats, laid in random segments."
    The collection comprises a broad range of species and colors – everything from Red Oak to Mahogany Natural – and has a patented ClicLoc Installation System for a hassle-free installation.

  12. The best Beach Cottage

    Newly renovated and expanded beach cottage in addition to an existing building overlooking the Atlantic Ocean consists of swimming pool, Jacuzzi, terrace, kitchen and trellis leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials reported.

    It was designed by Roger Marvel Architects. He said, “The original oceanfront beach cottage that occupied the site was reutilized conceptually for the project by maintaining similar materials and profiles to create a contextual residence.

    Additionally, this property includes a large sand dune, that protects the project from strong winds, and public beach activity alike.

    The Landscaping has been accomplished with native materials and maintained with erosion control methods including Long wooden beach palates and boardwalks used to traverse the dune to the beach and guest house.”

  13. A stone-clad home design by Bob Sherman

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, this Las Vegas home defies the logic of a high-end solution. Instead it has a relaxing and welcoming ambience that offers the best of both worlds by designer Bob Sherman.
    The distinctive feature of the house is the stone clad walls followed by the sweeping overhangs who alleviate the heat while providing full entertainment when owners seek the sun with the help of expansive openings that blur the boundary between inside and out.
    From the street, the house reveals a complex composition of linked pavilions, intersecting planes and chimney forms. A sense of privacy is reinforced by high stucco and red sandstone walls. At the rear, however, the house opens up to the view, to provide a very relaxed living environment – one that is well suited to entertaining.