24 April 2013

And Then There Were 5: Socheata Shaken while Cycling

Biking home from her studies last night Socheata was accosted by a man on a motorcycle.

While some of her story is lost in translated it appears the man spat at her, hit her on the back and rammed her bike with his motorcycle. She was on a busy road.

Socheata wasn't physically hurt but she is certainly shaken.

"Teacher, I don't want to study anymore," she said

But really she must if she wants to get a decent job.

"Are you going to study, tonight?"

"No, teacher."

So I gave her some money to get a moto-taxi to and from her study tonight. That's not a permanent solution. A motorcycle of her own would be best but she doesn't have the money to buy one. And it sends the wrong message- and makes a healthy dent in the bank balance- if we buy one for her.

Let's see how she feels about cycling, tomorrow.

Meanwhile we are still waiting to hear more news on Sarey's troubles, although it appears the injuries are not as serious as first thought.

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