26 April 2013

Miltary Men Behaving Badly (2)

Unhappy at the noise revellers were making during a Buddhist ceremony in Oddar Meancheay province a Royal Cambodian Armed Forces soldier fired his AK-47 into the ground several times. The ricochets from the drunken trooper's weapon hit and injured three villagers.

Just another example of Cambodian Military Men behaving badly.

It appears likely that another thuggish soldier will largely escape punishment. Indeed, local military police commander, Nguon Thirith seems to think that their is little to worry about.

After all, he said, "...the villagers only suffered minor injuries."

Try telling that to the bloke shot in the thigh and the one who miraculously escaped serious harm when one bullet grazed his neck.

Another military leader claimed that the soldier had in fact been punished, "according to military law."

Predictably he wouldn't be drawn on what punishment had been handed out.

Cambodia Royal Armed Forces; a law unto themselves.

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