6 December 2012

Military Men Behaving Badly

Where is Khon Sokheng?

The ill-tempered, ill-disciplined officer with the Royal Cambodian Armed Force's paratrooper unit, Brigade 911, allegedly put a bullet in the neck of one of his neighbours nearly two weeks ago.

Brigade 911 haven't sacked him yet despite him being AWOL for that length of time, although they have attempted, at least publicly, to distance themselves from the rogue officer.

"“This was his personal issue; those hairs are on his head. It is not related with Paratrooper Brigade 911 at all,” said a brigade spokesperson.

It's doubtful that anyone within the brigade is actively searching for the officer, though; their history suggests they are more likely to be protecting him. We shall see.

Meanwhile in other recent news of members of the armed forces behaving badly:

>Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Captain Meas Piseth is wanted in connection with the savage beating of a prosecutor in Kratie Province.

>A military man has been charged with the rape of a 13-year-old family member.

>Soldiers in Battambang have been accused of stealing the local rice harvest.

>A military police is being held in custody after he fired shots in the air and savagely beat the manager and a security guard of a Pursat nightclub. Apparently the staff at the restaurant didn't prepare a table for him quickly enough.

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