5 December 2012

Cambodia Smoking

41% of Cambodian men smoke. Just 3.3% of Cambodian women do so. That's a whopping difference and reflects a male-dominated culture.

Compare that to the British: 22% of men and 21% of woman smoke on a regular basis.

Just 0.5% of Cambodian boys between the age of 13 and 15 puff. And Cambodian girls of the same age simply do not partake at all.

Compare that to the British: 4 % of boys and 6% of girls of the same age are smoking behind the bike sheds.

Per capita Cambodians consume 452 cancer sticks annually.

Compare that to the British who inhale their way through 750 gaspers per capita, each year.

Cambodians fork out an average of US$1.03 for a packet of smokes.

Compare that to the British; each pack of lung darts costs them an average of US$10.99

The Cambodian government tax is 10.7% of the price of cigarettes.

Compare that to the Britain where government coffers are filled by a tax rate on coffin sticks of a staggeringly high 73.5%

Statistics: http://tobaccoatlas.org

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