9 March 2013

Hun Sen Quotes (10) Nepotism

"All civil servants have to stop the culture of intervention. In my life I have stepped up into power by myself, not through nepotism"

~Hun Sen, March 7, 2013.

That would be funny if it weren't so serious; the whole country runs on nepotism, corruption and 'intervention.' And the prime minister knows it.

In fact he appears to welcome it; his party has recently announced that Hun Sen's son and son-in-law and four other children of senior government officials will be attempting to get elected in the upcoming elections.

As well, the prime minister's son Hun Manet-a two-star general at the age of just 35- is the chief of the ministry of defense's anti-terrorism unit and deputy chief of Hun Sen's personal bodyguard unit. His third son, Hun Manith, 31, is a colonel in the army and deputy head of the military intelligence unit.

And then there is this clown  Hun Sen family member

Nepotism? Never!

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