24 January 2013

Khmer Grace. Khmer Dignity. (Reprised)

This is the reprise of a post just over a year ago. I haven't seen the lady or her kids for some time. I hope that they have moved on to better things.

In an earlier post- When Your Play Pen is a Pit -I wrote about the hardships of a little girl with a rubbish tip as her playground. Pictured is the girl's mother (I presumed).

She was happy for me to take photos of the her two charges and they were more than happy, too.

I asked her if I could take her photo and she readily agreed, although her flashing Khmer smile disappeared for the camera.

You can see that she is literally knee-deep in muck. Yet, she had a grace and dignity that isn't often seen.

I offered her a small amount of money for her time. She accepted, thanked me, placed the note in her top pocket and went straight back to work.

Compare that, if you will, to the many in western countries that take state handouts which usually provide adequately for life's essentials, yet still whine and moan about their 'poverty.'

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