15 March 2013

When Your Play Pen is a Pit

(Reprised from September, 2011)

She looks engrossed, doesn't she?

Which is just as well as there isn't a lot else around to keep this little girl entertained.

She's on a bridge that spans a fetid canal. Rubbish blows around her little, black-stained feet.

And the road she's on is a typical chaotic scene; should she stray a few feet, likely she'll be bowled over by one of the many motorbikes, tuk-tuks, trucks, food-carts or SUV's.

Mum's around. Problem is though, she's almost buried as she shovels filth from her cart into a larger bin.

And that's how she attempts to make her living; just one of the thousands of city-dwellers who attempt to earn a crust from collecting the city's trash.

And what are the chances the little one keeps up her reading habit?

 Almost nil, I guess.

It's unlikely she'll see much of the inside of a school- the cost of uniforms, travel and books and bribes for the teacher will price that out of her reach.


  1. Philip, you're a better person than I. I don't know if I could face these images on a daily basis, knowing that I couldn't 'fix' them. I guess by you being there, teaching, you're making a (good) dint on some sad situations.

  2. You get used to it, Snap. Frighteningly, very used to it.