14 October 2010

Talking the Talk, But Unlikely to Walk the Walk

“Lumpini police are being investigated for alleged dereliction of duty following a crackdown by outside officers on the illegal sale of child pornography in their district,” reports the Bangkok Post.

“The Metropolitan Police Division 5 on Tuesday night raided street stalls in the Sukhumvit area selling child pornographic material, arresting a Thai woman and two Burmese men,” the Post continued.

Three people, arrested? Some crackdown. And it only happened after a continued campaign by the newspaper, sundry protests by ambassadors and a call by UNICEF to do something about it.

That, probably, will be about all the action that there will be. The porn will go underground (but still be available) for a while, yet as the heat diminishes it will become more obvious. And despite a promised investigation for ‘dereliction of duty,’ expect little or nothing to come of that.

And of course those at the top of the child-porn-peddling chain will remain untouched.

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