13 October 2010

Cambodian Cop Shoots Himself Over Non-return To Position

Cop shoots himself over non-return to position, reports the Phnom Penh Post. 

A police officer in Kandal province’s Kien Svay district reportedly committed suicide last week by turning an AK-47 rifle on himself. The district police chief said the 40-year-old cop shot himself three times in the stomach and twice in the leg. The victim reportedly suffered from a disease that had prevented him from working for many months. Upon his return, officials demanded money from him so he could take up his old post. He did not have the money, and police believe this is the reason he killed himself.

Ain't that lovely; the poor bugger would have been desperate for an income but now he's dead. Bloody corruption; it's everywhere and it seems like every damn official is after an extra dollar, nevermind the depths of depravity that they reach in doing so.

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