21 September 2010

Curious Cambodians

Like the Thai, Cambodians can be downright nosey. There is no other word for it. Occasionally we order Indian food. And you can be sure that when the delivery guy arrives he is grilled by the neighbours.

"What's that," I suppose they ask.
"Where's it from."
And most importantly, "How much is it."
"Whaaaat! How much?"

Try asking those sorts of questions in the West and see where it gets you, I feel like telling them. They wouldn't understand that; such questions are considered normal. Damn annoying, though.


  1. I think it stems from a village/communal lifestyle, where everyone's business, is well, everyone's business.

    Maybe you should order something really outrageous, from somewhere different...just to send tougues into a spin.

    I'd find it annoying too ;)

  2. Something really outrageous?

    Hmmm... any suggestions!