28 August 2010

Phnom Penh Monkey Parents?

There are many orphans in Cambodia...but a kitten??
This I witnessed yesterday on a street near Wat Phnom.

A mother monkey carrying a jet-black kitten across powerlines as father monkey cleared the way ahead.

I didn't believe what I was seeing, but quickly had it confirmed by my moto driver and four Cambodian men who appeared from the back offices of the Phnom Penh Post Office to have a look. They nodded knowingly - seems they had seen the trio before.

Only wish I could have got closer, but I can assure you...it was a cat!


  1. I thought cats would be too independent to be carried around by a monkey - ours should be safe - they are rather large and very bossy

  2. Hi Noela, : )
    It's funny isn't it?
    Apparently it is quite common. I couldn't believe it. I was the only one surprised, because the locals didn't seem to think it strange at all.

    Yes, you're right, both your cats and ours wouldn't allow this! : )