12 December 2009

A Sticky Beak Gets Her Photo

1st Floor - shoes; 2nd Floor - dresses; 3rd Floor - accessories; and 4th Floor - custom made clothes.
Proudly rising out of the dry, dusty street, this gleaming, new shopping complex demanded a photo.

But, the photo wasn't to be. At least not at first. A guard quickly appeared from behind a car and shouted "No...no...you cannot!". Weird!  I'm not sure why he wouldn't let me take a photo of this large and very public building. But he was insistent.

Nevermind, a mere security guard wasn't going to stop this gal from getting her shot; I persisted, continued up the street, then double-backed and sneaked a photo.

It reminded me of Laos, although this was far less scary, when heavily armed guards pointed their weapons  and grabbed me to stop my filming of a concrete statue. They had assumed I was taking a shot of the American Embassy opposite.

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