13 December 2009

Les English Teachers

There is a primary school- the dusty, dirty, bereft of all resources type found all over Cambodia- just down the road from our new home. We dropped in; for out benefit really as it would be a good opportunity to learn more about the Cambodian education system and its students.

We got to talking and offered to teach for a few hours a week. After much confusion, hand signals, telphone calls and translating, they accepted.

Turned out though, we weren't talking to the head of the school, but rather the head of the French-sponsered orphanage that was housed within the grounds. That wasn't what we were after; we really did just want the experience of an everyday Cambodian primary. But it was just one of those situations- once in was impossible to back out. And so classes would begin in a week; we will review it in a month to see if we have the time available to continue.

And we are happy to be back teaching again.

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