15 November 2009

Police Protection

Earlier this month 2 policemen, along with four friends, begin a mid-morning drinking session at a Phnom Penh Karaoke bar. Four hours later, it is alleged, one policeman held down a young hostess at the bar while the other raped her.

The 2 coppers were later arrested and detained. And one would expect and hope that, should they be found guilty, they would serve a very long time behind bars in one of Cambodia's less than delightful prisons.

Yet it seems that the victim is unlikely to see justice done- in fact these men probably won't even go to trial. They will face some sort of police disciplinary procedure, said Police Chief Men Heng Tith, but incredibly  he refused to confirm if the men would be formally charged and face a judge.

Never one's to get their priorities right the police did manage to ensure that the Karaoke bar closed it doors.


  1. Its strange that police would do such as thing.

  2. Not so strange in many parts of SE Asia- this sort of thing, sadly, happens time and again.