16 November 2009

Bangkok Grenade Attack

Tensions between the anti-Thaksin yellow-shirts and the pro-Thaksin red-shirts continue to flare in Thailand. And the recent decision by Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, to invite ex-prime minister and convicted criminal Thaksin to Cambodia and appoint him as an economic advisor has further inflamed the situation.

Hun Sen's actions are highly provocative; he knows that the Thai government wants to extradite Thaksin yet, despite the two countries having an extradition treaty; he has refused the Thai's request to have him shipped back. Diplomats on both sides have been summoned back to their home countries.

20,000 yellow-shirts rallied in central Bangkok on Sunday to protest this blatant 'Thai-baiting' by Cambodia's Prime Minister.' This peaceful demonstration was disturbed when a M-79 grenade was launched into the crowd. 12 people were injured, including 2 children, one of those hurt remains in intensive care.

There is no end in sight for this conflict.

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