21 November 2009

Our Cambodian Landing

So here we are.
Where to from here...?!


  1. I've been following you guys for a while. Good luck now that you are finally there!

  2. Hi Ann,
    Please to know you have made it safe and sound.
    Those pictures you've posted of the little Cambodian girls makes it easy to realise why you have both been drawn back to a place where you know you can make such a difference. I wonder how similar the Cambodian people are compared with Thais who seem to have a reputation of being very polite and friendly. Sometimes I think we in the western world would do well to take a leaf out of some of these people's books - i.e. they are able to be happy with so very little.
    Voluntary simplification.....that's what I'd like to aim for but I'm not sure I can do it! Where would I put all my books for a start!
    You and Philip must be good at moving now and re-adapting to a new environment. Hopefully Vanna is likewise becoming a veteran voyager and learning to adapt quickly to new surroundings.
    Good luck in your house search.
    Sheri Pradel

  3. Thanks, Anonymous!

    And keep following...
    ; )

  4. Hi Sheri,

    Thank you so much for your comments. : )
    Yes, it is great to finally be here, and so close to the kids.

    The Cambodians are similar to the Thais', friendly and polite, but there is an openness to the Cambodians - evident in their wide beaming smiles - that has brought us back time and again.

    I think the trick with simplification is constantly moving. It is like a massive spring clean every time.
    However, like you, we have many books. They are aboard ship, as we speak, on route to Phnom Penh.

    House searching begins tomorrow. Vanna put in his cat's biscuits worth and stated he would like a big courtyard. He is finding his current temporary accommodation a tad pokey.

    Ann : )

  5. Hello again, Ann
    Thrilled to hear you arrived safely and thanks for your email. Tried to post a comment yesterday but it can't have worked so here I go again. Best wishes with the house-hunting.
    PS Hi Sheri. Nice to 'see' you again.
    PPS Looking forward to your next blog, Vanna.

  6. Hi Monica, : )

    Thank you very much for your best wishes for our arrival in Phnom Penh. It is so nice to have the 'Massey' support. : )

    Vanna apologises for not blogging today as he ended up accompanying us house-hunting.

    Of the houses viewed Vanna suggested that the lack of ground level courtyards for his exercising, and the frighteningly narrow stairs required to access third levels, necessitates another day searching.

    He is working on his flight post now - it's in 2 parts - and will definitely have it published tomorrow. He appreciates your patience Monica.

    Ann : )

  7. Hi Ann and Philip,

    Wow, that's amazing taking a cat on the plane. Good to hear you arrived safely. How's the weather there, we have rain and it's cold here in ChCh. Have you found a house yet?

    Best Wishes
    Adrienne, Paul, Emma and Hannah

  8. Hi Adrienne, Paul, Emma and Hannah, : )

    Yes...it was quite something taking Vanna on the plane. He is going to blog about boarding the flight and his journey very soon.

    It is the cool season here but the weather seems cooler than Thailand, and it's very breezey.

    And yes, the house hunting has been endless but we have just found a house - to be blogged shortly.

    Thank you so much for the best wishes,
    Keep watching the blog,
    Ann : )