7 March 2014

Cambodia's Prats-in-Power (4) Mass Faintings

It's not chemical fumes.

Nor is it the lack of food.

No,the failure of workers to look after themselves that is the reason for the mass faintings in many of Cambodia's garment factories.

"I want to tell you all that we have looked deeply into the situation of mass fainting, and it is not caused by the work, but mostly because of the workers’ health. For example, when they get a headache or are slightly ill, they don’t see a doctor, because they think healthcare is too expensive.' said one of Cambodia's Prats-in-Power, National Social Security Fund director, Ouk Samvithyea.

So hundreds of workers have a headache or are slightly ill and then faint all at the same time? Nothing to do with noxious fumes and meager, poor-quality food, Samvithyea?

And of course the workers don't 'think' healthcare is too expensive they know it is when there is just a few dollars to feed and clothe themselves and send money home to family in the provinces.

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