4 February 2014

What Wat? Khalsa Dharmak Sabha, Sikh Temple, Singapore

 What Wat? A once a week look at Wats and other places of worship within the region.

Khalsa Dharmak Sabha is a Sikh temple situated on quietly beautiful Niven Road, near Little India in Singapore. It first opened on Kampong Bahru Road as a club before registering in January 1924 as a temple and charity. 

Undated (pre-WWII) photo from the Sabha's early days.

The current site was purchased for 16,000 pounds in 1936 and the original building was renovated and then enlarged before being demolished and replaced by the existing building in 1996.

Many Sikhs took shelter in the Sabha, when Japanese forces attacked Singapore in December, 1941.

A Punjabi school was housed in the Sabha from 1946-1947 and a year later an English school was opened on the site, as was a Punjabi school for girls which operated from 1948-1954.

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