19 February 2014

Generally Generous

Cambodia's Royal Armed Forces (RCAF) are made of up approximately 190,000 active and reserve military personnel. 

United States Forces count in at around 2,200,000 potential combatants- that is, US forces number more than 10 times that of Cambodia's. 

Yet, in 2010 there were more than 2,200 Generals in RCAF. That's a staggering 1,500 more than can be found within the US military.

1,500 more!

Or, put another way, US forces have 1 general for every 3,142 personnel, while Cambodian forces boast 1  general for a scarcely believable* every 86 personnel!

An acknowledgement by the military that the number of generals within its ranks was out of control resulted in a halt to further promotions in November of 2011. But last week 29 lieutenant-Generals were promoted to generals of the 4-Star variety.

That, of course, has nothing to do with Hun Sen wishing to shore up his support among the upper ranks of the force during these times of unrest.

* This figures appears so utterly ridiculous, I'm not sure, no matter much I do the research and the maths, that I believe it. 

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