17 February 2014

Children are Not Tourist Attractions: Orphanage Abuse Continues

It has been out of the news recently but the scandal that is Orphanage Tourism continues unabated in Cambodia.

 An AsianPacificPost.com article- Orphange Tourism Leads to Exploitation in Asia- shines light on the issue again. 

'...according to a 2011 UNICEF study, an estimated three out four children in Cambodia’s orphanages still have one living parent.'

'Children in these orphanages are rarely given an education, instead being put to work until the tourists come to visit, when they’re wheeled out as bait for donations. Unsurprisingly, little of those donations end up being spent on their care.'

“The really important message for all the tourists coming from Europe, from Australia, from the US, is that you are driving an industry that is incredibly abusive and exploitative of children."

*There are some fine orphanages in Cambodia. Sunrise Children's Village is a stand-out example.

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