20 January 2014

Good News Cambodia (7) Malaria Cases Continue to Fall

Higher usage of mosquito nets is a main reason why Malaria
is becoming less common in the kingdom.
Cases of malaria continue to fall according to official Cambodian figures.
'Cambodia recorded 41,850 malaria cases in 2013, down 40 percent from 69,550 cases a year earlier, a health official said Sunday.
The disease killed 12 people last year, down 74 percent from 46 deaths a year earlier, Char Meng Chuor, director of the National Center for Malaria, said in a press statement.
Based on the figures, it can be concluded that death toll from malaria is no longer a major threat to the Cambodian people, but more efforts are still needed towards the complete elimination of the disease by 2025, he said.'

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