27 January 2014

Cambodia's Prats-in-Power Quotes (3)

Photo: www.guardian.com
Phnom Penh's City Hall have told Unionists that they cannot rally in support of 23 people bundled into police vans and taken to prison during a recent protest.

 It looks as if the Cambodian government agrees with City Hall that the right to protest be denied.
“If people demonstrate, it means they are trying to overthrow the government,” Interior Minister spokesman, Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak said.
Overthrowing the government, as the Lieutenant General dramatically claims, is of course far from what the unionists want; the release of the wrongly detained and free and fair elections is what they are after. 
And to add farce to his drama Sopheak continued,
“I think they should look for a lawyer to protect [the 23 prisoners],” Lt. Gen Sopheak added. “If they did nothing wrong, they would be released.”
Anti-government protesters treated fairly within the current Cambodian judicial system?
Not going to happen. 

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